Only the highest praise for Ms Shahid and professional way she dealt with all my visits to her. She explained all the procedures in detail including what was happening during the operations. The same applies to all the staff who were involved in the final outcome. My sight is unbelievable. The clarity of vision and sharpness of colours have given me a new life. My only regret is not to have had my ops 12 months earlier. Many many thanks for a 1st class job and results.


As a result of my recent cataract surgery I can honestly say that the experience was gold plated from start to finish in all areas. The procedure is painless and the outcome perfection. Has to be with 20/20 vision. Not only has Miss Shahid a pleasing manner she is obviously gifted surgically. Need I say more.


I found Miss Shahid’s clear explanations and overall clam and gentle manner most reassuring. The end result is excellent! I have almost perfect near and distant vision without the need for glasses. Performance of the multifocal lenses is extraordinary and well worth the extra cost.

Mrs JA

I was extremely happy with the whole experience and outcome. Miss Shahid was a wonderful doctor. The staff at Cambridge were all so caring. I have full 20/20 vision in my eye that was operated on.

Mrs DS

I am absolutely delighted with the cataract surgery performed by Miss Shahid, from the first appointment to the last Miss Shahid explained everything to me as to what to expect, I found her to be the nicest consultant I have ever seen, she has a lovely gentle manner and puts you at ease especially during the surgery procedure.


It was a pleasure to have been treated by Miss Shahid, Ophthalmic Surgeon, and her support staff. All showed the utmost care and professionalism. I required surgery to both eyes for cataracts which was carried out over a period of three months. The outcome has been a complete success, I now have perfect vision without the need for glasses. The two operations lasted about 20-25 minutes each, and I strongly recommend Miss Shahid and her team without reservation


Miss Shahid is a consummate professional. A wonderful demeanour and extraordinarily well organised. My whole experience at Pinehill has been a pleasure! I never thought I’d say that pre-op. The whole team led by Miss Shahid deserve great credit. Thank you

Mrs EC

Two new eyes!I much appreciated the thoughtful friendliness and efficiency, changing the anaesthesia after the first surgery to be less traumatic, excellent follow-up and calm professionalism when the first lens inserted proved faulty. Altogether everything possible was done to look after me and my eyes. Thank you indeed Miss Shahid – it is settling well.

Mrs CG

Both consultant and her team made my experience of double cataract surgery as calm as could be, while keeping me fairly informed throughout. The outcome was excellent; my vision is very clear with much improved distance vision and so bright, notably at night. I felt that communications with my surgeon were exemplary, also helped by her secretary, amongst others.

Mrs H

The whole experience was better than I expected. I was very anxious about this procedure. However, after attending an open evening I was sufficiently reassured to continue with a consultation. I was treated with respect and the whole experience proved stress free with a satisfactory outcome. Thank you Mr Ong

Mr S

Mr Ong provided a very caring and professional service throughout the cataract operation and aftercare. I am delighted to be able to identify small birds on the feeder at the end of my garden again. Very pleased with the result of the surgery.


Mr Jong Min Ong removed both cataracts in my eyes within a few weeks over the Christmas and New Year. He is a miracle man! I had no pain and little discomfort. I could see much better within 24hours and the tv colours have a new dimension. Nicola and all the nursing staff were second to none.

Mrs C

My experience of the eye surgery was excellent. I found Mr Ong to be a very polite man who explained every step of the procedure he was going to perform. I would have no problem in recommending him in the future.


I had a very good experience with Mr Ong. He explained the complications that could arise from cataract surgery. The operation was very quick and painless, follow up was thorough and I was completely satisfied.

Mrs RS

What a lovely person Mr Ong is, with such a re-assuring manner and thorough attention to every detail particularly pre-op. Which as a result put me at ease before both operations, and made my surgical experience during both operations very easy. Both eye operations went very smoothly indeed, with no complications, exactly as predicted by Mr Ong. The outcome, was a great success, with now very much improved vision to both eyes and which has now changed my life. I would highly recommend Mr Ong to anyone needing cataract surgery in the future. So thank you very much indeed Mr Ong!


Mr Ong was very professional and very kind.

Mrs JY

I have recently had both my cataracts operated on by Mr Ong. I received vey good treatment and I am delighted with my new vision.

Mr A

I had cataracts removed from both my eyes under Mr Ong. I was fully satitsfied with both procedures and follow up care by Mr Ong. Throughout the process, I was kept fully informed of what was happening including the risks involved. I now have my eyesight fully restored.

Mrs M

My whole experience with Mr Ong and my cataract surgery was very smooth. I felt safe and cared for by a professional, kind team.

Mr T

A very professional service by Mr Ong and his team. The outcome has been excellent. Many thanks!

Prof MT

I felt that Mr Ong did a great job. He was 1st class and explained all potential pros and cons of the operation as well as the timescale of recovery. During the operation, he also explained what he was doing and why. So many thanks!

Miss B

I am grateful to Mr Ong and all those involved with my care at the Nuffield. Both cataracts were successfully carried out and my sight is much improved. Colours look much more vibrant.

Mr B

I had recent cataract surgery at the Spire Hospital.  I had been Mr Ong’s NHS patient for a number of years and I have been very impressed by his professionalism. I chose to go private as I could choose him and his “golden hands” to deal with my sight. As expected, both cataracts were very expertly operated. It was suggested that I have toric lenses for my astigmatism and this was also a success. The staff at the spire was very good, general care and the whole process was faultless.

Mrs G

The efficiency and patient care of Mr Ong and the whole team in the eye department could not have been better, giving an excellent result after my cataract surgery.

Mrs N

I was a bit apprehensive about the cataract operation but it was much easier than I had thought and all done very quickly and efficiently and everything explained as it went along. Mr Ong and everyone that I saw was extremely kind and helpful. The eyes are very good and I am now awaiting new glasses.

Mrs J

Superb care in all areas. Thank you Mr Ong. Highly recommended.


The facilities and staff at the Nuffield were excellent as was the professionalism of Mr Ong. The results Mr Ong has achieved are everything I wanted.

Mr B

I attended the Nuffield Hospital for cataract surgery under Mr Ong and his staff. I was made to feel very relaxed in a  well run department. Thank you to all.

Mrs B

My experience at the Nuffield Hospital was very good, as was the outcome of my cataract surgery by Mr Ong. Every courtesy was extended to me at all times.

Mrs P

I cannot speak too highly regarding the care and attention I received from Mr Ong and his team during my 2 cataract operations. I was quite nervous but Mr Ong was able to relax and reassure me throughout, telling me step by step exactly what he was doing. A particular word of thanks goes to the nurse who does the eye tests in the clinic.

Mrs ED

Day surgery performed efficiently by Mr Ong. Follow up and consultations addressed queries and worries. Again efficient, little waiting time. All staff pleasant and helpful


Any anxieties I had about cataract surgery was soon forgotten after Mr Ong explained in depth the procedure. I decided to go for a multifocal lens after Mr Ong explained the benefits. The operation a few weeks later went smoothly due to friendly nurses during preparation. The operation was totally painless and Mr Ong put me at ease explaining the procedure throughout. I now have 20/20 vision and am delighted.

Mr K

I was completely satisfied with both treatment and final result. At every stage from start to finish I felt I was in very competent and capable hands. I am very grateful to Mr Ong and his team.


The treatment that I and my immediate family received during my visits to the Nuffield for a consultation and subsequent visits were exemplary. Mr Ong and all staff were both courteous and helpful.

Mrs TK

The removal of my cataracts was speedy, comfortable and operated in a professional atmosphere by Mr Ong.

Mr G

I am more than satisfied with Mr Ong’s diagnosis and subsequent cataract operations, both for his skills and kind treatment. I was also impressed by the efficiency of the Nuffield operating theatre and by Mr Ong’s assistant.

Mrs GF

Mr Ongs care of me having my cataracts done was excellent. All is well with me after the surgery. Mr Ong is kind and charming and I never had to wait long to see him. The day surgery at the Spire was also excellent.


From the initial consultation throughout all the ensuing procedures, Mr Ong inspired great confidence. He was friendly and reassuring and I was made to feel very comfortable. He encouraged questions and his answers were easily understood. I have been thoroughly satisfied with my successful treatment and look forward to collecting my new prescription glasses shortly.


After an initial examination, Mr Ong agreed to remove both cataracts in two operations three weeks apart. Both operations were completely successful. Each was carried out quickly and painlessly by Mr Ong who explained exactly what he was doing at all stages. He checked each eye 3 days later to confirm that the operation has been a success. He carried out a full check a month later and confirmed that there has been no complications.


Mrs JD

Everyone at the Nuffield was excellent, from the ‘’check in’’ desk, to the nurses and especially Mr Ong. My operation was on the 20th of April, with a follow up on the 23rd (my Birthday). Joked with Mr Ong about this and he remembered and gave me a card!! What a lovely man, who has done a great job!!!! Thanks to everyone.

Mrs JM

I would like to thank Mr Ong for a gold star service! I found the whole procedure of having my second cataract surgery as efficient an the result as effective as my first eye last year. Not only has Mr Ong a calm and considered approach, he is very clear about the procedure before, during and after the surgery. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering eye surgery.

Mrs N

I cannot fault the treatment that I received. Everyone was very friendly and Mr Ong explained the procedure fully to me. The outcome is I have better eyesight, and the whole thing was done quickly and efficiently.

Mrs L

This is first to inform you that I was happy with the care that I received while I was in the care of Mr Ong.

Prof MS

I received excellent management from Mr Ong. The surgery was uncomplicated and any issues were immediately attended to.

Mrs DS

Mr Ong was quick and I found that my eye was painfree. I could see the next day and everything was clear within 2 days. The outcome I can see colours and everything is so bright. I also only need glasses for very small print now. Fantastic result.

Mrs S

Mr Ong did a fantastic job removing both my cataracts with skill, care and speed. I was very surprised by the absence of pain and very little discomfort. I am very grateful to Mr Ong for my now great vision. Thank you very much.

Mrs RH

Mr Ong could not have provided me with better care. He has a friendly, open manner and I was treated at all times with both patience and respect. Before, during and after surgery, he always asked me whether I had any questions or concerns. During cataract surgery, Mr Ong was reassuring and kept me fully informed about what he was doing. I had no problems following surgery and both eyes have recovered well. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ong to anyone needing eye treatment.

Mrs JH

My experience with Mr Ong and the outcome of my recent eye surgery is completely 100% satisfactory and many thanks to Mr Ong

Prof IG

Both cataract operations were highly successful and Mr Ong’s advice always helpful

Mrs C

My eye operation could not have gone any better. I was very uptight when I came to the hospital but Mr Ong and his team treated me so very well explaining each stage as it went along, this made me feel relaxed. The service I received was second to none. I now have fantastic eyesight in my right eye and could not be more pleased. A big thank you to all.

Mrs GK

Excellent experience! Mr Ong is very professional, efficient and charming. No problems with cataract surgery and following weeks using eye drops. Would thoroughly recommend.

Prof MS

Excellent care by Mr Ong, event free surgery and post operative period. At all times, the procedures and outcomes were clearly explained to me. I am very content with the entire experience.


The treatment I received at the Nuffield Hospital by the staff and Mr Ong was excellent. I had spent over 2 year unable to read road signs, car numbers and writing on the tv, everything was blurred and getting worse. The first thing I noticed after cataract removal was trees were no longer fuzzy and colours bright. I no longer wear glasses to drive or out and about, only to read and write. I am extremely grateful for the  restoration of my eyesight. Thank you very much.

Mrs R

I contacted the Nuffield  after my optician told me I was on the brink of being unable to drive due to cataracts. I was referred to Mr Ong who performed bilateral cataract surgery. I am delighted with the results. The world looks a much brighter place and I can drive with confidence! Mr Ong and the nursing staff were helpful and supportive both in the hospital and with advise and aftercare. I would certainly recommend the procedure and treatment I received to others.

Mrs A

From the first appointment to the last, Mr Ong and his wonderful team of nurses treated me with kindness and respect. Each procedure was explained and surgery performed with minimum fuss and discomfort. After more than 50years, I can now drive without glasses- wonderful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ong and the Nuffield Hospital.

Mrs JD

Mr Ong’s competence and caring approach was apparent at my initial consultation. He explained in the detail the cause of my condition and his proposed corrective procedure. All this is terms that I could understand and in an unhurried and attentive manner. The procedure was successful and with Mr Ong’s considerate manner, I was totally reassured and at ease. The care that I experienced at the Nuffield was totally reflective of the treatment provided by Mr Ong. A close friend and former patient of Mr Ong recommended his and I would now fully endorse the views of that friend.

Mrs J

Surgery with Mr Ong was satisfactory on all counts!

Mrs P

Thank you Mr Ong. All good!


Excellent care from all concerned : Mr Ong, nurses and receptionists. Good communication with secretary. Outcome very satisfactory : the fog has lifted!!

Mr B

I would like to take the opportunity to extend a very special thanks to Mr Ong and those who work alongside for all the care, kindness, that has been given to me in the recent times, and which sadly is missing from quite a number of similar institutions.


Very happy with the results and the outstanding service received from Mr Ong. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming

Mrs TZ

Mr Ong was clear and concise. Good person centred care. This gave and gives me the confidence in future treatment. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Mrs JT

Mr Ong and staff were so good and got rid of any worries I may have had and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you all.

Mrs A

Following x2 cataracts developing very rapidly and getting worse, I was seen quickly and both operations carried out as convenient to me. Mr Ong is very approachable, answering any questions I had. Cataract surgery : very good outcome.

Mrs JC

First class treatment from all the staff while having 2 eye operations with Mr Ong. A huge Thank You from me and all my family


I chose to see Dr Ong because he did an excellent job on my right eye a few years ago. Like before, I was given a detailed account of the procedures which would be carried out and a regular update of where we were in the scheme. His calm manner made me feel relaxed too. Thank you.

Mrs JH

The care under Mr Ong was excellent. Both eyes have recovered well. I would certainly recommend Mr Ong.

Mrs H

My experience under the care of Mr Jong Ong was exemplary. I found Mr Ong to be extremely emphathetic, efficient and competent. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend him to future patients. I had a very successful outcome from my cataract surgery. Despite having AMD, I had immediate better vision following the surgery carried out by Mr Ong.

Mrs MK

Extremely pleased with the outcome of my cataract surgery. Improvement in both eyes and vision is fantastic. The professional approach by Mr Ong from start to finish was very reassuring.

Mrs S

A very good experience. Everything went very smoothly. An excellent outcome on the eye operation by Mr Ong. 100% satisfied.

Mr F

I was very nervous about my surgery but Mr Ong was so reassuring it helped to relax me.


The experience from my cataract surgery was excellent. The care was extremely good and the outcome for both eyes was very good. Mr Ong was excellent and I would recommend him in the future.

Dr L

I am extremely happy with both the treatments and the outcomes of the cataract operations with Mr Ong. He was an excellent surgeon and also accomplished at putting patients at ease. Thank you very much!

Mrs GJ

The entire experience from making first contact with Mr Ong and the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital to my discharge of all treatment has been superlative. I felt supported, listened to, understood and to have been treated with care, diligence and professionalism throughout. Nothing has been too much trouble and I would like to thank all involved. Particular thanks to Mr Ong and Julie for your help and cheerfulness and ‘can do’ attitude in all your dealings with me and your overall care and concern. Thank you!

Mr S

My vision is massively improved. Mr Ong did a great job. He was very professional and kept me informed on all aspect of the procedure.


I am very pleased with my cataract surgery on both my eyes. It was quite painless and Mr Ong had explained everything very thoroughly and has a very pleasant manner. I would recommend him to friends.


This summer Mr Ong replaced my natural lens with Oculentis Toric comfort lenses to remove my cataracts and correct my vision (myopia and astigmatism) I now have excellent vision without glasses and can see things from a distance to arms length away, just low strength ‘’readers’’ for reading and close work. The outcome has been transformational and the surgery painless due to Mr Ong’s care and skill.


I found the experience pleasant. The procedure and tests were well explained and questions answered and operations undertaken by Mr Ong. I am very satisfied with the result, particularly the removal of the astigmatism in my right eye.


Clear explanation throughout consultancy, surgery and aftercare. If I had a third eye, I would bring it too Mr Ong.

Mr B

Mr Ong was clear on what the options were, and took care to ensure that I fully understood the procedure. Surgery was well conducted and my left eye is substantially improved.

Mr H

This was the second time I have been under Mr Ong. Once again the procedure went as smoothly as it possibly could. Mr Ong is a wizard!! Painless, professional and totally proficient. Excellent service.


I was very impressed with the way the cataract surgery was performed by Miss Shahid and I found her to be confident and charming in every way


The surgery experience was professional yet caring and fully explained. All the staff were kind and considerate. The consultations were relaxed but informative. The outcome is just amazing and has made a huge improvement to my life. Miss Shahid was amazing. Thank you so much.

Mrs DP

Miss Shahid and her team were both reassuring and efficient. The whole experience was so much more comfortable than I imagined it would be


At the initial consultation Miss Shahid was very conscientious in explaining the procedure in the forthcoming operation (s) and quickly dispelled any concerns I had about undergoing the procedure. I am delighted with the outcome of the operations she has recently performed and I cannot speak too highly of her expertise. The follow-up treatment has been excellent. The nursing support staff were also very kind and conscientious in their duties


I am delighted with every aspect of my recent ophthalmic surgery. I was treated with the utmost professionalism and care by Miss Shahid and her team. I was more than delighted by the arrangement and care shown by all at the Nuffield hospital

Mrs DL

My cataract surgery on both eyes at the Nuffield Health hospital was performed by Miss Humma Shahid. I can’t believe my eyes are back to great strength at a 84 years young lady. Thank you


Dear Miss Shahid
I have better sight now than perhaps ever.
I am delighted with the result.  But this would not have been possible if I  had not the benefit of your great skills.  From our first meeting, my wife and I have been hugely impressed by your manner, by the clarity of your explanation of the procedure and by your implementation of it, my wife as an observer and I as the patient.  I am extremely grateful to you. Whenever anyone has asked where I have had my cataracts removed, we have always sung your praises.

Mrs AS

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my recent cataract surgery under the care of Miss Shahid. All the staff whom I come into contact with were extremely pleasant and helpful. I felt like a person not a number. Thank you.


The experience was as good as can be expected. The outcome was excellent and I am happy to recommend Miss Shahid – and to ask her to perform a similar operation on my right eye if I suffer similar deterioration.

Mr G

I can only say that when my next cataract op is due, the only person I would have to treat me is Mr Ong. Nothing I can add. In the word of Tina Turner “Simply The Best”

Mrs JM

I cannot rate Mr Ong highly enough. Everything from the initial appointment, surgery and follow up was clear and efficient. Mr Ong treats you with the utmost courtesy and respect. He answered all my questions clearly and I felt both informed and reassured before surgery. The result is better than I expected and I will have no hesitation about contacting him again when the other eye requires it.

Lady SB

The care throughout the 2 procedures was superb by every member of the team, from the expertise of Mr Ong, whose manner and calming influence helped enormously, to all the support staff, who are so vital to the success of the operation. The outcome is that I have excellent vision all round, needing a little help with reading.

Mrs JR

It seems like a miracle to have such restored vision. I am so grateful and thankful for all the skill and kindness I have been given by Mr Ong and nursing staff.


Very satisfied with all the aspects of my eye surgery performed by Mr Ong

Mrs JF

Overall extremely satisfied – excellent consultant (Mr Ong) and care. Both operations went well, no problems post op.


I was very satisfied with the superb care and attention provided by Mr Ong and also the service provided by Nuffield Hospital. This is the first time I had used private health care and have no regrets at all. If more people did this, it would take some of the strain off the NHS. Thank you for everything.

Mrs JS

I found Mr Ong very kind and liked the way he explained the whole procedure in simple language. I am very happy with the outcome as I now have very good vision.

Mrs PJ

Four months after the cataract surgery I am delighted with the results and feel that I could not have been in better hands than Mr Ong.

Mrs JS

I am extremely happy with the recent eye surgery. Mr Ong is a very experienced surgeon and I felt safe and confident to be treated by him. I have been treated very well by everyone who has been involved at the Hospital. I cannot thank you all enough for the kindness shown me. I can see much more clearly now and all the glare that I experienced has now gone, it is such a relief. I would recommend Mr Ong to anyone needing this procedure.

Mrs AH

I was very pleased with the outcome of my recent eye surgery by Mr Ong. It was helpful to have a detailed explanation of the procedure before it took place.


Mr Ong was very welcoming at my initial assessment visit, and I was pleased by his careful examination of my eyes and the clear way in which he explained the procedures that he proposed; the accompanying leaflets were also very clear and helpful; surgery was arranged minimal delay and I was very happy with the whole procedure. I can see better than I have for years..


It was altogether excellent. Mr Ong explained everything at every stage and I had complete confidence in him throughout. (My optician is impressed by the outcome!!)

Mrs AR

I was very pleased with Mr Ong, and I am pleased to say that my long eyesight is first class and need only glasses for reading.

Mr G

The treatment was done in a professional way, worked perfectly and at all time I was kept updated with everything explained to me by Mr Ong. I’m exceptionally pleased with the results.


Consultation arranged (with Mr Ong) without delay. Clear advice given that really helped. The procedures were and interesting and easy experience; 15 min from going in to being out in recovery room. Constant information on what was going on. No discomfort, no pain, just a blur of swirling bright light. Great to have such clear vision back. Thank you.


I am very pleased with the outcome, my eyesight is very good. The whole process went very well, all of the staff with whom I came into contact with were polite and efficient, as was Mr Ong. Thanks to everyone.


My grateful thanks to all members of staff who were welcoming, friendly and efficient. Above all, I especially appreciate the precise, clear explanation given by Dr Ong throughout the operation. This was a really interesting, calming and reassuring experience.

Mrs JB

The experience was fine- Mr Ong and all staff very kind and informative. Outcome very good, no problems. I had complete confidence in a very skilful practitioner.

Mrs AA

I am very pleased to say my eyes are nor perfect after the procedure conducted by Mr Ong. All the staff were helpful and considerate putting me at ease. Thank you all!

Mrs JC

Completely satisfied with the outcome of my operation and delighted with the treatment I received from Mr Ong and every member of the hospital staff. Thank you very much.

Mrs KF

Excellent outcome. Mr Ong was very caring and I would definitely recommend him.


I was very happy with the cataract removal surgery that Mr Ong performed on both my eyes. All the staff were efficient and attentive making for a smooth experience throughout the period I was under their care.


I am very satisfied with the treatment I received under the care of Mr Ong for both my cataract operations the results of which were excellent. Mr Ong was most kind and considerate at all times and put me completely at ease and I would certainly recommend him to anyone considering such operations.

Mrs VC

My experience in dealing with Mr Ong was always very pleasant. I am awaiting new glasses which I require for reading. My long vision is excellent.

Mrs CF

I have undergone two surgeries by Mr Ong over the past year. The efficiency of the process and the care before and after and since have been extremely good and something I would recommend.

Mrs SC

I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you and Mr Ong gave on cataract surgery at the Nuffield Hospital. i was so good to receive all the necessary information in a relaxed, informal way and in layman’s language. I found the whole evening extremely helpful.


I could not be more impressed by my recent experience under the care of Miss Shahid. From the first consultation through to the final follow-up after my second cataract procedure Ms Shahid was thoroughly professional in her attention to detail and in her ability to make me feel at ease. She answered all our questions comprehensively, was friendly and thorough, giving us as much of her time as we needed. What’s more, Ms Shahid phoned me on the morning after each procedure. She provided excellent informative correspondence to my GP. Her support staff were excellent and I am delighted with the results.

Mrs HC

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Mr Ong. From the first interview/ examination to the end, he was extraordinarily kind and explained everything. Even during the actual operation, he explained what was happening as it progressed and was reassuring all the way. I was given the exact details for the aftercare and was able to see clearly within a very short time. Wonderful!

Mrs F

I have recently had Cataracts operations by Mr Ong. My experience was of the highest quality. Very professional and also very caring experience.

Mrs C

I had cataracts surgery and was looked after by Mr Ong. I had no complications and my eyesight is excellent and I only need reading glasses.

Mrs PF

I was very anxious as I do not like anything to do with eyes. Mr Ong and his team were extremely understanding and kind and gave me sedation. I am now able to see much better. Mr Ong was kind and helpful on all occasions. Thank you very much.


I couldn’t thank you enough. My sight is now excellent and its giving me a new lease of life. I’ve got my confidence back. I’m happier with myself. Life couldn’t be better for me.

Mrs MR

My treatment through Miss Shahid was extremely efficient and considerate. She made a point of ringing me after each operation to check on my progress which was appreciated


The hospital environment was relaxed and spotlessly clean. I was see by my consultant at the appointed times. My condition was discussed and diagnosed in a professional manner. All in all I am very content with my Nuffield Health experience. Thank you.


Miss Shahid was very reassuring before, after and, most importantly during the operations. Her calmness and clear communication gave me confidence.

Mrs OP

I am very happy with how well my vision is working after the operation.

Mrs BW

I am very pleased with the final outcome of the cataract surgery you performed for me. I have regained my confidence and find life much more enjoyable.

Mrs SR

Altogether a relaxed and comfortable experience. Grateful thanks to Miss Shahid and also to Julie on the phone!

Mrs EB

Miss Shahid was caring, careful and friendly. My family were very happy with all the communications that we received – efficient and friendly. My 2 cataract operations were a complete success. I now have 20:20 vision!

Mrs PP

Mr Ong was very professional, courteous, informative, thorough and friendly. I would have no hesitation in referring him to friends or colleagues. Overall my experience was perfect. My sight is definitely better than pre op and I believe it is still improving whilst settling down. Thank you.


From start to finish, I was at ease with the professionalism shown by Mr Ong. Great explanations of the surgery and I am very happy with the successful outcome. Thank you.

Mrs RM

Meeting and being treated by Mr Ong has been an extremely positive experience. The consultation and subsequent operation for a cataract in my right eye all went very smoothly indeed and when i need a further cataract operation in my left eye, I fully intend to contact Mr Ong. I have recommended Mr Ong to several people since my operation and singing his praises.

Mrs AS

I have been extremely pleased with both the hospital and surgery. Mr Ong was very reassuring and I would highly recommend him.

Mrs M

The entire experience was calm and efficient and was very personal to me. Mr Ong was brilliant and very caring and I have had no complications since.


A most efficient and effective treatment (Mr Ong). All appointments were on time, operations well explained and carried out quickly. The results were excellent with both eyes now giving clear vision without the need for spectacles for general activity.

Mr R

Mr Ong radiates confidence in himself and his team. It is infectious so I was happy to place myself in his hands for the cataract operation. He also appreciates the fear of having ones eyes operated upon. The consequences of failure is in a different league to other non-life threatening surgery. He calms one’s fear by explaining what exactly will happen and then talks all the time he is operating telling one exactly what you will feel and hear every step of the way. His confidence and my confidence in him was well warranted. The outcome was a complete success.
My criterion for satisfaction with any medical procedure is whether or not i am treated as an individual, a person and not “just another patient”. Full marks to everyone.


The service I received was speedy and effective, polite and considerate and I was very satisfied overall. After cataract surgery with Mr Ong, I now have clear and perfect vision in the eye.

Mrs AY

Excellent care from Mr Ong and everyone involved. Surgery was far easier than I anticipated.

Mrs AP

Excellent recovery. So grateful for skill and expertise from Mr Ong.

Mrs PW

My experience with cataract surgery was very positive. Everything was explained fully and I felt safe and confident. The outcome with both eyes is excellent. Mr Ong inspired great confidence.


Surgery by Mr Ong went well. No pain and felt nothing at all. I now have 20/20 vision. The attention was 1st Class.


The eye surgery carried out by Mr Ong was very successful. All procedures were carried out very professionally and well explained to myself and daughter.

Mrs MM

I am pleased with the care I had under Mr Ong and his team. The operations went well and my cataracts have gone. I was very impressed.


Extremely good care from beginning to the end of treatment for cataracts in both eyes. Post-operative recovery very quick and vision in both eyes vastly improved giving better quality of life. Excellent treatment and results. Big thanks to Mr Ong and his team.


I was most impressed by Mr Ong’s professionalism. He carried out my two cataract operations with great care and attention. The result has transformed my life.

Mrs PH

A relaxed and very informative consultation with Mr Ong followed by excellent results after surgery.

Mrs AY

Excellent care from Mr Ong and everyone involved. Surgery was far easier than I anticipated.

Mrs AC

My cataract surgery by Mr Ong was very successful. The care I received was excellent.


I cannot thank Mr Ong enough for getting my vision back to seeing so clearly. Excellent treatment throughout.

Mrs SK

Cataract surgery was pleasant, speedy, successful – almost enjoyable. Thank you Mr Ong

Mrs AM

The entire experience was calm and efficient and was very personal to me. Mr Ong was brilliant and very caring.


Very happy with friendly caring approach from Miss Shahid and her team. All explained patiently and the procedures went well and painlessly


I was completely satisfied with the care I received from Mr Ong especially the retinal surgery to both eyes. Mr Ong went to great lengths to explain all the procedures. I felt safe and confident in his care.


I was very satisfied with Mr Ong’s care. He was thorough in his examination and took the time on each consultation to ensure I was fully aware of the situation, what to expect next and the options available to me. I have already recommended him to others.

Mr C

Mr Ong was reassuring and his confidence and skills meant I was comfortable throughout. I am delighted with the outcome, able to see long distance and at night and getting used to wearing glasses just for close work. Thank you.


I cannot remember ever having such good eyesight as I have right now – and that is entirely down to you [ Miss Shahid] . I know it’s what you do but you do it so elegantly and incredibly well


Prior to cataract ops, I found Mr Ong to be extremely patient, taking time to allay my anxieties, set out my options and explain the procedure. On the day itself, the staff and Mr Ong took great care of me. I am more than satisfied with the care I received and the result achieved. Gratitude to Mr Ong and the staff.

Mrs B

Delighted with surgery and the expertise of Mr Ong. Eighteen months later, I am even more pleased with the improvement in my vision.


I found Mr Ong to be extremely caring from the onset and very focused on ensuring the best possible outcome. His level of patient care and clinical professionalism was outstanding, and the aftercare far exceeded what I would expect which was very reassuring and much appreciated. I owe the sight in my right eye to Jong’s surgical ability to whom I am very grateful.

Mr P

Received excellent attention on both cataract operations from all nursing staff and Mr Ong himself, who re-assured me at every stage thoroughly explaining each step of the procedure (which was amazingly quick!) and detailing best post-operative care.
The improvement in my vision have been astounding and will definitely enhance my quality of life. Very grateful to Mr Ong and his team.

Sir MB

I was most impressed by the quality of the treatment I received during my recent eye surgery. In particular, Mr Ong’s professionalism was most impressive. I approached these operations with considerable concern, but this soon changed because of the quality of care I received both from Mr Ong and the other carers. Everyone was so friendly and kind.

Mrs DP

I am delighted with the result of the recent surgery. All staff involved were totally professional. My initial apprehension was relieved by Mr Ong and I am so grateful for his expertise and skill.

Mrs N

Excellent from start to finish! Everything was well explained and a perfect result from the operation.

Mrs JW

The whole experience was excellent. The team were friendly and helpful and the difference to my daily life is amazing. Thank you all!


My cataract operations performed by Miss Shahid were 100% successful and I now have first class sight again. The service and operations were carried out over and above my expectations and I cannot thank Miss Shahid and the hospital enough.

Mrs H

I had two cataract removals performed by Mr Ong and was very satisfied with both the procedure and the outcome.


I am pleased to say my eye surgery has been a great success. The operations themselves caused very little discomfort and the care was excellent. The overall result is above expectation.


Excellent and efficient service which had a hugely positive effect on my vision. Thank you Mr Ong!


I am very happy with my eye surgery and the results – thanks to Miss Shahid.

Mr A

Mr Ong was always cheerful and perfectly clear about what needed doing, what he was doing and how he assessed any condition.


Very professional.
I was looked after very well.

Mrs BG

Mr Ong operated on both my cataracts, one after another. From my very first appointment I was confident that I was in excellent hands. During the recovery period, he was always available to advise and reassure me. From the day after each operation, I was amazed at the extension of my vision. It has changed my life for which I am grateful.


I was happy with the assessment, the explanation of the procedure and the surgery itself, which appears to have been very successful. Thank you.

Mrs SW

Thank you Mr Ong for all your patience and kindness and helping me through my 2 operations.


I was very pleased with the whole process. The medical and administrative aspects were all handled professionally but also with humanity and the personal attention by all involved was most impressive. All in all, an excellent performance.

Mrs VA

Thank you for your kindness during the past 2 years!


We cannot fault the treatment received. Caring, prompt, courteous and highly professional.
Both eyes are now greatly improved and vision restored.

Mrs CD

I attended for a cataract operation which has turned out to be very successful. I would like to express my grateful thanks.


I am very satisfied with the result of my cataract operations and the aftercare by Miss Shahid.


Very pleased with the care and attention I have received. Thank you.


Miss Shahid recently carried out surgery on both eyes which was very successful and the care and attention throughout was excellent.


Miss Shahid has a very pleasant manner which puts you completely at ease with the surgery. She gives you complete confidence in the procedure. Highly recommended surgeon.


The vision in the right eye was startlingly clear – so clear that I realised that my left eye, which I had thought was perfect, was not.


As expected Miss Shahid performed my recent cataract removal with care and skill, but more than that she was kind and friendly throughout and handles the follow-up consultations with patience and clarity.


I am very happy to be a patient of Mr Ong who is very supportive, informative and caring and carries out the eye injections in a skilful and gentle way. It is comforting to know that the eye remains stable due to the ongoing treatment.

Prof IG

A small incision cataract surgery Oct 2015
My care by all the staff was excellent.

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